Some of Our Corporate Partners & Relationships

U.S. Bank
GAA Architects
Wells Fargo Bank
Fullmer Construction
Shaw Development Company
Lusardi Construction
Psomas Environmental
Urban Crossroads
Newport Equities, Inc.
Huitt-Zollars Engineering
Thienes Engineering
Penwood Select Industrial Partners, LLC
Millie & Severson
Webb & Associates
MAA Architects
Equity Building Services
HPA Architects

The RDP Mission

RDP Development, Inc. was founded as a lean, hands-on operating platform with vast experience and resources. Our mission is to provide high-integrity, best-in-class, full-scope, corporate real estate development management services to our partners and clients.

We are driven from within by high-integrity, fully-accountable professional relationships that transcend into our project teams of architects, engineers, contractors and consultants. The result for our partners and clients is “total transparency” and ownership of our actions. Our mission is to provide such a high level of competency and service that our partners and clients want to do business with us over and over again.

Our business philosophy and approach with each relationship and development project starts with an attitude of “respect” and “servant leadership”. We consider all our business relationships “partnerships” with a relatively flat hierarchy. We recognize the expertise, talent and gifts of our partners and project team members and orchestrate the complex disciplines and processes to achieve the best possible objectives. Operating realistically within today’s complex development entitlement world, we are pro-active to sophisticated institutional demands with a highly entrepreneurial spirit.

About Us

RDP Development, Inc. has a 38+ year history in corporate real estate brokerage, brokerage management and development, investment and consulting. Since 1985, the sole purpose of the company has been to focus on commercial real estate development and development project management. On some projects, RDP functions as a Managing Principal of the single purpose entity (“SPE”). On other projects, RDP operates solely as a Development Manager for third party ownership under a Development Management Agreement (“DMA”).

Whether as a Managing Principal or operating under a DMA, RDP does not typically take direct titled ownership in real estate. It only serves as the operational/management company within other joint venture structures.

In the 38+ years in operation, neither RDP, no its principal Russell D. Pierce, have been named in a lawsuit or been forced to settle, offset or mitigate any claims for which it was named and/or deemed liable.

RDP only works with the “best-in-class” bonded and insured investors, brokers, architects, engineers, consultants and contractors to entitle and develop its projects.

RDP History

RDP Development Inc., a California corporation (“RDP”), founded by Russell D. Pierce, has been engaged in the corporate real estate development services and principal development business since 1985. With its principal’s early beginnings in the commercial real estate brokerage and brokerage management business, RDP transitioned into the corporate real estate principal development and development services business. Although RDP has developed a full spectrum of commercial properties (industrial, office and retail / specialty) over its 38+ year history, industrial / logistics properties have always been its core property type.

As a principal / investor and/or as a development manager, RDP has developed over 5.8 million square feet of buildings on more than 389.15 acres of land valued at over $650 million. With experience developing build-to-suit projects throughout the U.S. and speculative projects primarily in Southern California, RDP is a “full-spectrum” developer. RDP’s activities and services begin with opportunity / relationship identification and carry through every phase of a project’s development, including; site selection and transaction negotiation, project feasibility and due diligence analysis, land acquisition, project entitlement / permitting, design and budgeting, construction administration / management, etc., and culminate with project closeout and stabilization / disposition. Throughout the process, RDP is “hands-on” in the selection and management of the team of professionals (financial partners, architects / engineers, consultants, contractors, etc.) necessary to complete the critical paths to meet the project’s primary objectives of schedule, budget and quality.

Our "Excellence-Demanding" Clients

Preferred Developer
Preferred Developer
Preferred Developer
Russell D. Pierce
President & CEO

RDP Executive Team

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"When FedEx had to add over 20 new sort facilities throughout the U.S. in less than 4 years, we turned to MDG [with RDP Development, Inc. as its Managing Principal] as one of only two Master Developers for the subject land acquisition and development projects. When the other developer lost its capital source MDG/RDP stepped in as the sole Master Developer. RDP had excellent resources and innovative site selection/qualifying programs to quickly hone in on the sites that produced the greatest value for our operations. RDP also handled the entitlement processes in some of the most challenging jurisdictions in the country, such as New York City and San Francisco. All planned facilities were built on budget and on schedule. We were very pleased with the value and integrity RDP brought to the table."
John George, Director of Corporate Real Estate
"I have partnered millions of square feet of projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars with RDP over the last 15+ years. This is a high-risk business with a lot of money at stake. I will continue to do more business with RDP because Russell Pierce and his team have proven themselves to be extremely competent through all phases of development, from opportunity underwriting, complex design and entitlements through construction. Most importantly, RDP executes with exceptional professionalism and integrity! That’s the bottom line for me."
Don W. Oliphant, President
"Operating as a public REIT, we contract with a select group of qualified Development Managers to help us execute on building our portfolio of build-to-core, class-A logistics facilities throughout the U.S. With vast resources, knowledge and integrity, RDP is one of the best we have worked with. Their ability to identify the many complex critical path objectives and execute solutions to achieve the end-result of value and time-to-market is exceptional. RDP is highly responsive and complicit with all our accounting, reporting and regulatory requirements, with a hands-on entrepreneurial attitude. Russell Pierce and his team are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to many more successful projects together."
Peter Vanderburg, Senior Vice President of Development