Development/Land Opportunity Identification & Qualification

  • Critical Path Project Feasibility Analysis and Budgeting

  • Market Research and Trend Analysis

For its build-to-suit relationships “it’s all about integrity”. RDP has a rock-solid reputation for delivering projects on-time and on-budget for highly critical business icons such as FedEx and Cox Communications. RDP’s Build-to-Core (or speculative) project partners rely on RDP’s vast experience, relationships and solid performance capacity to recognize and seize opportunities in today’s fast-changing, highly-competitive environment. Experience, Integrity and Vision pay off in knowing which relationships and opportunities to seek value in.

Land Acquisition

  • Land Assemblage

  • Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Acquisition Contract Negotiations (fee simple and ground lease)

  • Land Contract Management and Execution

  • Project Pro-forma and Budgeting

  • Equity and Debt Capitalization (Acquisition and Development)

As a both a Buyer and Seller of real estate, RDP understands the sensitivities and motivations on both sides of the negotiating table. Actually, we prefer to think of it as “all parties coming together for a mutually beneficial relationship that culminates in a successful transaction”.

“The numbers don’t lie.” RDP has proprietary, specialized modeling tools to underwrite the potential of a development opportunity. We pride ourselves in underwriting these opportunities realistically in today’s uncertain environment. RDP has a vast array of financial resources and relationships ready to “seize” those financially worthy opportunities from $2m to $200m. “Carpe Diem!”

Project Design - Phase Management

  • Professional Design Team Solicitation and Engagement

  • AIA and Consultant Contract Negotiations

  • Professional Design Discipline Integration/Management

  • Value Engineering Management

  • Cost/Benefit and Schedule Impact Analysis

  • Preliminary/Conceptual Design Management

  • Final Design/Construction Document Management

  • Tenant Improvement Design

RDP has been assembling and managing teams of project design professionals for over 30 years. Our ability to attract and select the many professional architects, engineers and consultants to fit the dynamics of a particular project scope is a cornerstone to the quality and value of a class-A timeless result. We understand what best-in-class means and we give them license to perform while keeping the common goals of the project in the center of all critical path decisions. Even though the exact team makeup may be fluid from one project to the next these teams epitomize the "Resources of Many… Integrity as One" byline.

Project Entitlement - Phase Management
Discretionary and Ministerial

  • Jurisdictional Design Review Processing

  • Environmental Review / CEQA Document Process Management

  • Public Review Entitlements and Conditions of Approval Negotiations

  • Construction Document (“CD”) Plan Check Process Management

  • Jurisdictional Fee Analysis and Budgeting

Having successfully navigated project entitlements in today’s toughest jurisdictional bureaucracies such as New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles, we have earned our stripes in “cutting through the clutter”. This is where we truly excel. It takes a great deal of collective skill, fortitude and perseverance to direct the team of consultants through the complex maze of approvals and permits required just to put a shovel in the ground. “If it were easy…everybody would be doing it.”

Construction - Phase Management

  • General Contractor (“GC”) Solicitation and Bidding

  • GC Qualification, Reconciliation Analysis and Selection

  • Project Construction Management and Administration

  • Construction Contract and Loan Draw Administration

  • Tenant Improvement Construction Management

  • Project Turnover and Closeout

This is the most rewarding phase of the process. We have all green lights from the many City, Regional, State and Federal agencies and have passed muster with the environmental zealots. Now we get to build a real building. We keep the pedal to the metal when we can smell the finish line. This phase is all about execution, attention to detail, schedule and budget. Through countless details and complex coordination of trades, its where all the quality planning and hard work culminates into a productive asset. We manage this complex process of construction management, administration, and reporting all the way to the checkered flag… and then the winner’s circle.


"When FedEx had to add over 20 new sort facilities throughout the U.S. in less than 4 years, we turned to MDG [with RDP Development, Inc. as its Managing Principal] as one of only two Master Developers for the subject land acquisition and development projects. When the other developer lost its capital source MDG/RDP stepped in as the sole Master Developer. RDP had excellent resources and innovative site selection/qualifying programs to quickly hone in on the sites that produced the greatest value for our operations. RDP also handled the entitlement processes in some of the most challenging jurisdictions in the country, such as New York City and San Francisco. All planned facilities were built on budget and on schedule. We were very pleased with the value and integrity RDP brought to the table."
John George, Director of Corporate Real Estate
"I have partnered millions of square feet of projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars with RDP over the last 15+ years. This is a high-risk business with a lot of money at stake. I will continue to do more business with RDP because Russell Pierce and his team have proven themselves to be extremely competent through all phases of development, from opportunity underwriting, complex design and entitlements through construction. Most importantly, RDP executes with exceptional professionalism and integrity! That’s the bottom line for me."
Don W. Oliphant, President
"Operating as a public REIT, we contract with a select group of qualified Development Managers to help us execute on building our portfolio of build-to-core, class-A logistics facilities throughout the U.S. With vast resources, knowledge and integrity, RDP is one of the best we have worked with. Their ability to identify the many complex critical path objectives and execute solutions to achieve the end-result of value and time-to-market is exceptional. RDP is highly responsive and complicit with all our accounting, reporting and regulatory requirements, with a hands-on entrepreneurial attitude. Russell Pierce and his team are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to many more successful projects together."
Peter Vanderburg, Senior Vice President of Development